Hudson Place Financial, LLC
    14785 Preston Road
    Suite 575
    Dallas, TX 75254

    Office Phone: 972-702-6170
    Fax: 972-702-6171


Hudson Place Financial, LLC is a privately held firm based in Dallas, Texas that focuses on opportunistic debt investments that provide superior risk adjusted returns for its shareholders and investment partners.

Formed in early 2008 to capitalize on the financial tsunami that its founders believed would be forthcoming, Hudson Place Financial seeks to build on the track record and expertise of its founder and senior management team by acquiring and managing loans and bonds primarily secured by real estate. Hudson Place Financial’s overriding investment philosophy centers on downside risk analysis and demands a hands-on, detailed, analytical approach to acquisitions and originations. As a result of this downside-centric approach, the firm typically avoids highly levered debt instruments, where loss severities can be extreme, and primarily focuses on instruments secured by first liens, including: real estate secured loans and loan pools, bonds secured by residential and commercial real estate, and debtor-in-possession financing (DIP).


Mission Statement:

“To provide significant, long-term value appreciation and cash flow while minimizing downside risk through superior due diligence, underwriting
and management.”

~ Jonathan Goodman, Founder, President and CIO